April 16, 2018



Pearl works best when she is comfortable!

We talked about rest, and nourishment. The next logical topic is shelter…location…environment. How is yours? Have you looked around lately? We’re going to talk about culture later. Today, let’s think about the actual physical space, if you have one.

Occasionally when I bring this up for a client, they say that they haven’t looked lately because they aren’t a retail shop or service that brings clients in – not a “walk in” business – so they aren’t really worried about it. But what about for your staff? There was a trend a few years ago, especially in the tech space, where we were reading about ping pong tables and video games for break time – which is more of a norm, now. Then the reasoning I heard was “we aren’t in a creative business, like tech” or “our business is too serious for that” and so on. Nevertheless, there are a lot of reasons to be sure your workspace is up to date and pleasant and dare I say it: FUN.

Think of it this way: if you aren’t in a comfortable, safe environment, are you sure that the “place” doesn’t get in the way of productivity? Have you looked at ergonomics lately? A lot of new discoveries have been made in this area. Is the parking lot well lighted? Do you have the right chairs for folks to use? Do they feel safe telling you if a chair is hurting their back, or they need more light or heat in their office? Or do you only talk about getting the cheapest stuff? Physical comfort leads to productivity.

Plus, the creative brain is important in every single business. If you’re still doing things the same way you always did, you’re behind. Creativity should be encouraged in every way possible. Maybe you could look around with new eyes this week. What do you see? Better still, ask your team. How does your work space stack up?