March 26, 2018


Introducing Management Moments

Almost a decade ago when I first opened Sapphire Enterprises LLC (now d/b/a/ Lisa H Harrington LLC), I was posting short blogs in Facebook called “Monday Management Madness.”  I’m going to reprise some of those topics now with relevant adjustments and a new title, Management Moments. Most days, a moment is all that leaders have to refresh their own mindset, so I’ll keep these to a few hundred words each week.  Let’s have a two-way discussion each week about how we can all change our own part of the world, for the better, by being better at leadership.  Please share your thoughts!

So, to kick it off, this week’s article is about how nothing really changes. As I review those old posts, what is most surprising is how little has changed.  The problems we were discussing years ago are very similar to the ones I hear about today.   My guess is that this is because of the other thing that hasn’t changed: we’re all still human beings. Foible, imperfect and mostly good humans, most of the time anyway.

We are still discussing how to take care of ourselves & others, how to plan, when to get help and long term vs. short term focus. The world wants us to move faster, and I’ve heard folks say you can’t plan further out now that about 18 months. I challenge that concept. It’s true we need to do short term planning, but as a gardening friend used to say: “Don’t keep pulling up the flower to check the roots!”  We still need roots, and planting, and sunshine and water … and time.  Even if our time tables are shortened, the equivalent planning processes are about the same: we define our values and vision, plan our mission, set our strategy and goals and find a way to track it all.  The tools are different for some parts of the planning. Technology has helped, and it’s hurt.  It’s sped some things up and slowed others way down – and probably the average isn’t much different. Planning, and the state of being human, haven’t changed all that much.

This week: Please share your story about your humans and how “nothing really changes!”