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Lisa Harrington adds articles on leadership, management, and insurance industry issues to, where she serves as a vice president. Previous engagements include COO and acting CEO of the Network of Vertafore Users, and over 10 years as vice president of education for the Florida Association of Insurance Agents.

Ms. Harrington is also the founder of Sapphire Enterprises LLC, providing keynote presentations in leadership. Having begun her insurance career in 1983, she’s spent time in a varieovety of roles, including educator, writer/editor, underwriter, sales agent, field rep, and agency operations manager. She holds a B.A. degree in management and Spanish from Ball State University and carries several insurance designations and best practices certifications, including Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter, Certified Association Executive, and Accredited Adviser in Insurance.

Ms. Harrington resides in Southlake, Texas with her husband and many four-legged loved ones.

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Taking in Strays

  1. Communication: One reason that using proper body language is so important is that, once a defensive barrier is in place by the recipient of your message, little can be accomplished.
  2. Beauty: Somehow, part of each day should feel playful, or some part of each person’s job should feel fun. This is easier said than done. But if you properly place your employees in jobs that fit their talents, they shouldn’t feel like every day is a grind all day long. There should be parts of the day that feel fun. And you can create a great sense of that by your example as their leader. Are you having fun? Do they know it?
  3. Persistence: Leaders have to know when to say “no” even if our workers are being persistent about a request that we know is not appropriate or could even be harmful to our company, the mission, or the employee himself. Earning the respect and trust of your employees isn’t the same as being their friend or allowing one person’s desires to overshadow the health of the organization.
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Lisa H. Harrington

Author & Speaker

Taking in Strays

Leadership Lessons from Unexpected Places

Cyber Risk and the 'Biggest Class Exposure We Could Ever Imagine'…

About 2 months ago

Kicking off the last general session for #CRC37 with Tim East. #IRMI2017. Are you laying bricks or building cathedrals?

About 3 months ago

Consistency and clearly defined expectations are critical to creating a culture of quality and safety. CRC Theater at #CRC37 #IRMI2017.

About 3 months ago

Heard at #CRC37 - everyone must be engaged in planning safety and quality for each job, because each job is unique. #IRMI2017 @SquIRMIowl

About 3 months ago

Safety and quality programs both depend on leadership by example! Are you wearing the steel toed boots, too? Heard at #CRC37 #IRMI2017

About 3 months ago

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